Mots-c Peptide Pre Mixed


Mechano Growth Factor is vital for muscle growth and repair as well as in the development of new muscle cells, comparable to IGF-1.

If Mechano Growth Factor isn’t PEGylated the half-life is many minutes, so PEGylated mechano growth factor should be considered in the compounding process to make sure a right half-life, thus enhancing the time of action.

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Mots-c Peptide 10mg – Product Description Sweden

This product is intended for research and medical purposes only, to be used by trained professionals.

Research has suggested MOTS-c is an exercise mimetic, a 16-amino-acid peptide that is encoded in the mitochondrial genome of cells. According to clinical studies, it improves insulin sensitivity. While the study is still ongoing, control group examinations using diet-induced obese mice have shown improvements in insulin sensitivity. Researchers are still studying to see if the MOTS-c changes plasma markers, which are used to determine the body’s metabolic condition.

Research has shown that it targets body muscles and regulates its metabolism using the folate-purine-AMPK pathway. By doing so, it becomes effective protection against obesity and insulin resistance that stems from the diet that one is taking or age.

How Mots-C Peptide Regulates Glucose

Clinical studies have shown that MOTS-c promotes the production of endogen AMP analogue AICAR, which in turn, helps in the synthesis of AMP-activated protein kinase [1] (also referred to as AMPK). Before the production of AMPK, its cellular actions inhibit the folate cycle along with de novo purine biosynthesis. The AMPK then induces systemic cellular uptake of glucose and enhances insulin sensitivity. These studies suggest the mitochondria [2] offer active regulation of metabolic homeostasis via this peptide encoded in their genome.

Research has confirmed that the peptide genome can help reduce insulin resistance [3]. Health experts recommend taking the medication along with a strict, balanced diet to lower the amount of fat taken to manage obesity. Other studies have shown that general weight gain may increase insulin insensitivity, especially on diabetes type 1 patients. Cutting down the fat intake and increased levels of MOTS-c may lower the diet-induced metabolic dysfunction and associated inflammation.










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What's Included:

What ‘Pen with 1 Pre mixed Cartridge’ Comes with:

  • 1 x Peptide pen
  • 1 x cartridge ( The cartridge is premixed with the vial of your choice and Bac water. )
  • 5 x Pen Tips ( needles for injection )
  • 1 x Pen Carry Case


Cartridges on their own:

  • The cartridges are for people who already have a pen and would like to order a cartridge/s on their OWN.
  • You are still receiving one peptide vial per cartridge.
  • The cartridges DO NOT come with a pen.
  • Each cartridge comes with five pen tips.


Please note –

  • Pens come in different colours.
  • One cartridge contains one peptide vial and the correct about off water. This may not fill the cartridge, but we do not overfill with water which dilutes the peptide too much. If you receive a “half full” cartridge, you’re still getting one vial and the correct mixture of water.

This product is intended for research and medical purposes only, to be only used by trained professionals.